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Women's History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month I would like to say Thank You to all my female readers and followers. I want to express gratitude for all the ways you make the world a better place. And I want to remind you that you are capable, strong, resilient, intelligent, powerful, and beautiful. 12 million women in the US each year experience clinical depression. That leaves 153.92 million of us to help them. To lift them up. To give support and love and encouragement to our fellow women. Especially now, in a time of fear and uncertainty. We need to unify. We are all sisters, mothers, and daughters. And I’m certain we all know someone who is struggling with a mental health issue. So for this Women’s History Month I encourage you to create new memories that the women you love can remember with fondness in years to come. To assist them in making their personal history better. In believing that the future will be better, brighter, and more wonderful than these dark days. There’s been enough pain and anger, discouragement, discord, and prejudice already between women, inside our minds, and in our hearts... there’s been enough isolating and pretending nothing’s wrong, and there’s been way, way too much willingness to better ourselves at the cost of someone else’s misfortune. It’s time we, as woman, stood tall, chins up, and trusted the loyalty and love of our sisters, and let the world know that we are proud of who we are and how far we’ve come. We’re not sex objects. We’re not dumb. We’re not lessor. We’re not weak. And we're not going to settle for mediocrity. We are equals. And together we are great.

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