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A Better Life

Fear is easy.

It is easy to let worry consume us. To let fear tear us down. To let hopelessness dissolve our energy. It is hard to be brave, to be optimistic, to be bold in both speech and action.

So if today is a day that fear wins, that you curl up beneath your blankets, turn off the news and close the blinds, I understand. I understand that you cannot be strong every day. You can’t win every battle... and sometimes you simply don’t have the wherewithal to even start some battles.

But we cannot allow ourselves to act in that matter every day. Some days, most days (ideally) we must force our eyes open. We must face the wrong, the unjust, the evil, the stressful, and we make our voices heard. We vote. We speak up. We protest. We argue. We compromise. We educate. We take steps, no matter how small, time and time again, toward a better life and a better world.

If today is a day to spend in silence, in sorrow, I understand. But then find your power again tomorrow. Be brave tomorrow. This is your life. Our world. And there is only one of each.

Black Lives Matter.

Science is Real.

Love is Love.

Women’s Rights are Human Rights.

No Life is Illegal.

Mental Health Matters.

And most of all... we are All In This Together. Hate cannot be a part of communication, a part of community. Or a part of the future.

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