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Changing Times

Well, happy August. The year is now officially more than half over. But, boy oh boy, does it feel like 2020 has been going on for so much longer than just these last months.

We’ve faced disease threats, including an ongoing pandemic that put us into quarantine. Animal threats of murder hornets, blue dragons, squirrels with bubonic plague, and swarming monkeys and locust. Political threats both foreign and domestic. And now we’re coming into a new age of social justice because of protests and riots. Times are tough. Are scary. Are unprecedented. The future seems uncertain.

But what I appreciate about the terrifying, anxiety-inducing, mind-blowing situation we’re all in right now, is that conversation and education is FINALLY at the forefront of everyone’s minds. We’re bickering and fighting and there’s a lot of dumb things being said and done. But at least we’re being active in our own lives, and demanding to be a part of our country’s management.

We are voting.

We are donating.

We are signing petitions.

We are protesting.

We are educating.

We are doing what’s right for others, rather than being self-serving.

We are showing up.

Raising our voices.

Telling our truths.

Not everyone is a part of this vibe— enlightenment, movement, consciousness, power—that I feel in the underbelly of everything going on right now. I know some people are blind, unwilling to see, to change, to climb out from inside their dark hole of ignorance, but the rest of us? The rest of us have seen the light of change and want it to stay, will do whatever it takes to make it burn brighter.

To those of you raising your fists in the face of brutality, giving your money even when job security is a non-existent thing, having tough conversations with people who don’t necessarily want to listen, working tirelessly to save lives in the midst of a mishandled pandemic... to those of you crying, worrying, fighting for life. For those of you who refuse to ever forget the names of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. For those of you wearing a mask despite being called fool by your family. For those of you waving a rainbow flag even though your ears have been filled with hateful words.... Keep your chin up. This is a fight YOU WILL WIN.

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