Ruby Fitzgerald

Some days, I feel like I deserve a medal for getting out of bed, showering, and getting to my deskSounds familiar, right? The more I talk about it, the more people open up right back, and the experience is always the same. The answer is always, "Oh my gosh I've felt that too." Or that they are feeling it right at that moment. Life is really hard, and we don't seem to make it much easier on each other. As someone affected by depression, I am always imagining a different life. 

My Series is a reflection of a world where the people society oppresses get to live in peace. Ego is the villain - depression, difficult life choices. This world is where I get to give you a glimpse inside of my brain. You get to see first hand what it looks like. It's also a place where you can get lost. If you look at the situations and the dialogue, bigger picture issues are being worked out through the most mundane activities. There is a meditative quality to my Series I have not yet seen, so it may take time for readers to begin to comprehend.

My characters can turn on a dime, forgive the unforgivable in an instant, and face dire consequences for trivial crimes. This is what depression looks like. Things don't always make sense, and everything can change in an instant.

Think of this Series as a set of paintings. Each detail, each brushstroke is meant to invoke feelings, be discussed. It may not be the Series for you, and that's ok too. Either way, thank you for taking the time to read a little bit more about mental health, and have the best day you can.

"They [Fitzgerald and Coates] decided to take the leap, publishing "Harmonies of War" worldwide both as a hard copy and on Amazon Kindle. Fans have reacted positively..."

                                                              -Ariel Cheung, DNAinfo Chicago