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The Smallest of Actions

I washed by hair yesterday.

Now, some of you who just read that sentence have your brow furrowed in confusion, thinking “So what?” But I’m betting others of you understand the significance of the statement. Some of you just had your heart surge and your eyebrows raise—wishing you felt good enough to do the same.

I washed my hair.

I washed my hair not because it was gross, or had been far too long since its last washing... I washed it simply because I wanted to. I even did a scalp treatment. And sang in the shower. I felt happy. Relaxed. I had the time and the energy and so I took care of myself. I don’t think that’s happened in probably 5+ years. Washing my hair has always been a chore, a task, a drag. Something I avoid and don’t want to deal with... a necessity that grows exponentially more daunting the less mentally stable I am.

Some people, when riddled with anxiety or sunk deep into depression, find it hard to get motivated to wash dishes, put away clothes, get dressed, etc... for me, it’s washing my hair. I think it’s often forgotten that every detail of a life can be affected by a mental illness... including causing even the simplest, smallest actions to be stolen away.

When that basic-life energy is gone, it’s so discouraging. It’s so heartbreaking. It hurts. So I wanted to share my (seemingly insignificant and yet incredibly revealing of my mental health status) act of self care with you today. To remind you to appreciate even the tiniest of triumphs. To be accepting and understanding of your challenges. And to be kind to yourself on your journey to wellness. Healing takes time.

It’s ok if you get healthy one hair washing at a time.

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