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New Mourning

It’s strange how change - even good change - can sometimes make the heart heavy.

I’m saying good bye to an apartment and with it, the plan of how my life was supposed to unfold in the next year. And I’m so very sad about it. So frustrated with the state of the world right now. But at the same time, my new apartment is very cute and the life I’ve built in Chicago - the people I know and love - make my life here a truly beautiful thing. I should be happy to have more time here, shouldn’t I?

But change is hard. It’s always, always, always hard. Change you want. Change you fear. Change you expected and change you didn’t.... no matter what change occurs, your heart and mind must grasp a new concept. Mourn the passing of old. And accept the challenge of new.

So what I want to say to you - as the sun rises on a cool morning that smells faintly of autumn rather than summer - is that it’s ok to take time to work through the emotion of change. It’s ok to feel sad as the leaves turn, as your days develop differently than you predicted. It’s ok to take a deep breath before refocusing your energy and hope.

The future can be intimidating. It truly can. But have faith in yourself and you will do great things.

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