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Have a Heart - Wear a Mask

It makes me sad that I have to say this but wearing a mask isn’t political, it’s simply an act of empathy. It’s not about you - about what you believe in, who you vote for, or what science you think is real or not - it’s about being compassionate. It simply is a matter of caring about the people around you.

If there’s even the tiniest little chance, the slimmest smallest tiniest percentage of some chance, that you could make someone sick, or could kill someone by breathing/coughing, and you don’t wear a mask... I ask you what’s happened to your heart? If you are willing to donate to charity, give a homeless person some food, stop your car for someone to cross the street, or even hold open a door for someone walking behind you into a store... you have enough heart to do something that has no benefit to you, for the benefit of someone else. And in non life-threatening way no less! So why not wear a mask? Inconvenience yourself a small amount, for the potential betterment of a fellow human?

With COVID numbers on the rise, some restrictions have gone back into place here in Chicago. It’s sad. It’s discouraging. But, I still believe Chicago as a whole has been doing a decent job at keeping the pandemic under control. Even with being out and about the little bit that I have, I feel like most people are making an effort to wear masks and follow social distancing. Most people are showing that they care. That they have empathy and understanding. And, if we can continue to follow guidelines (as annoying and tedious as they may seem, especially now in the summer heat) we can help save lives and hopefully return to some sort of normalcy in the near future. Because this is a time we really need to show love for one another and sacrifice a bit of comfort for the greater good of our community. We need to be deeply in touch with our humanity.

We can still enjoy a beer at the bar or a nice dinner with our significant other, life hasn’t ended—we just need to continue being responsible, for the sake of everyone around us. Now, more than ever, we need to show love and compassion for not just those we know, but for everyone we might affect.

We are all in this together.

Wear your mask.

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