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Mental Health Check

So this is less of a blog post and more of a check-in.

I feel that, with the country starting in on its reopening, anxiety and overall stress levels have got to be high. COVID-19 is still a threat. Lots of people are still out of work. There are protests and riots. There are murder bees and swarms of cicadas. Fear is high.

Uncertainty is our only certainty. And 2020 seems to get be getting more bizarre and frightening by the day.

So, mental health check.

Have you showered in the last 24hrs?

Have to talked with someone (your cat doesn’t count) about how you feel?

Have you eaten recently—food with nutritional value?

Have you gotten any exercise?

Go drink a glass of water.

Take a short nap.

Stretch and/or meditate.

Call your best friend and tell them you love them.

Do an activity that is kind to yourself (read some poetry, paint your toenails, have a cup of tea, etc)

Look at a calendar and have a moment of optimism about what you can do later in the year.

Remind yourself that things will be ok. Eventually.

Are you struggling? What can help?

Are you still taking the supplements/medicine that you should be?

Have you talked to a therapist recently?

How’s your skin? Do you need to wash your face and up your hydration?

How’s your posture? Are your shoulders tight— do you need to take a deep breath and allow them to relax?

One day at a time, y’all. Don’t get so caught up in the worry of the future that you forget to find pleasure in today. Take care of yourself. Show yourself patience and kindness.

You are allowed to feel scared and unhappy.

There is no shame in asking for help.

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