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A Worthy Battle

Who you spend your time with changes your perspective on every aspect of your life. Negative energy breeds despondency, positive breeds happiness. It's as simple - and as complicated - as that. It's sometimes incredibly hard to pull yourself away from negative people. They complain about things that also bother you, so you're inclined to listen to them. They weave themselves into your life. They become dependent on you. They seek your attention-- your ear for their gripes. In personal experience, I've found that the people who are hardest on me long term are actually the ones who are the most fun in the short run. They want to drink and party, they want to do anything - everything - to avoid dealing with their lives and so, for a while, they are a grand ol'time to live it up with. After a while though, they wear at your energy, they sour your mood, they fatigue your disposition. It's gradual, like an illness, but once their negativity rubs off on you, it's hard to get your life back on the right track. It's a worthy battle though. The best battle actually, in my opinion. For when it's won-- when you've freed yourself and gotten the people pulling you down out of your life and replaced them with people full of joie de vivre, your energy heightens, your sleep deepens, your peace expounds, and your ability to deal with all the other stressors of life increases tenfold. I cannot encourage you enough to clean house, so to speak, on your life. Pay attention to who makes you smile in the moment, and afterward, leaves you with a lingering sense of optimism. Those are the people you want to spend your time, money, and heart on. Those are the people who will return to you what you spend on them, who will impove your wellbeing, and stick with you into the future. They are the ones worth your while. And you? YOU are worth their while. Don't ever let someone tell you otherwise. And if someone does... they are probably one of those negative people who I'm speaking of. Because a positive person sees your value. Appreciates your beauty. Loves your quirks. Listens to your opinions. And wants to see you laugh, wants to see you happy.

If someone makes you feel unworthy, it's them who is unworthy of you, darling, not the other way around.

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