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Making Magic

You want to create beauty, you want to create life, you love fantasy, you love magic, you love realms of whimsical possibilities... me too. That's why I write, and that's why we read. We escape into these marvelous, beautiful worlds and we have grand adventures and live epic lives. But why do we need to escape? Why do our own lives seem pale in comparison to the worlds in books? Well, for one dragons, for two, unicorns... but I digress! What, truly, is holding us from the fantasic? What is controlling us and forcing us to conform? Think of it this way: spells in the fantasy world can be used for both Good and Evil. We love them when they heal the hero and we hate them when they help the villain. We respect them for the options and abilities that they give to characters. Spells entice, enrage, encourage, and complicate. Just like the spells of reality! Magazine and TV ads, comedians and writers, performers and politicians- they weave their talents, their words, and their influence into spells, do they not? They lead us into thinking and feeling a certain way, and then into acting a certain way. That to me is magic. Spells of reality may not be the type of magic that pulls lightening from the sky or turns you invisible, but they certainly do have draw and power and manipulation. Spells of media and social standards control us, popularity and performance expectations plague us. My question though is why is that the game we've been forced into playing? The same spells of media and messaging used for ill intent- to sell, conform, and degrage- can absolutely be used to uplift and encourage. I say, if we focus on creating good, supporting love and life, the spells of reality won't need to be broken. Because they'll be changed. We can spread laughter and well-being. We can encourage and compliment with time, money, and influence. We can take back our control from those who tell us that wealth and fame and power are the only things that matter in life. We can make our own magic, rather than being tricked by the negative influences around us that say we're not good enough. It's time we spun our own spells.

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