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Do you ever find that you give yourself less credit than you should, or that you remember fewer positive things than you do negative? I do. And it frustrates me to no end. For instance, I've had a pretty good summer. I did a lot of activities and had outings that, in past summers, haven't happened. I was committed to doing the 'Chicago Summer' this year, and to be honest, I did pretty well. However, this morning, still laying in bed and yet feeling a cold breeze blowing in from outside, I couldn't help myself from being sad that autumn seems to be upon us. And, I started being grumpy at myself that I'd "wasted my summer". Thing is... I didn't! I went to the beach, played frisbee out in the sun, went to Taste of Chicago, street fests, Pride Fest, rooftop bars, and a concert. I ate good food and listened to great music. I went dancing, went roller blading, went running, even once went swimming. I hung out with friends, admired the stars, and sat out on patios. Summer and I got along just fine. So why did I instantly think that I'd failed at my intention? It's easy to forget happy. To forget good. We somehow settle into comfortable and nice, and then get complacent. Bad things, sad things, those however stick with us. They taint the good, overwhelm our memories, and make us doubt our life enjoyment. I get that that is our nature, the way our emotional functions tend toward working. But, at least for today, I'm going to override that tendency-- and focus on everything wonderful about my summer. I would have liked to go to the beach a few more times, maybe taken a vacation, gone to a couple more get-togethers, it's true. Not going to lie that I definitely could have done more. But you know what? What I did do, is make myself happy. For one, lovely, active summer. And that's what matters, more than anything. What I did and who I hung out with, made good memories. Made me happy. And happy isn't the easiest thing for me to master. So I'm going to give myself credit for taking care of myself, and revel in the happy memories. And I suggest you do the same. Smile today, you deserve it.

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