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You Only Live Once

I had a friend recently convince me to start writing down one line summaries of random and/or bizarre things that have happened in my life... the result? Realizing that it's no wonder I became a writer. I've had a lot of inspiration. Some sad, some strange, and most - extremely unexpected.

I've worked on a blueberry farm and for a logger. I've babysat and dogsat. I've worked in a pool, a coffee shop, a grocery store, a pharmacy, and a cookie cafe. I've worked on the west coast, east coast, and here in the midwest. I've served and bartended, traveled, managaged, taught, massaged, and coached. As cliche as it might be- I have loved and I have lost. I have struggled with anxiety and depression, I have dealt with the aftermath of suicide and murder. I have walked, ran, swam, sailed, climbed, crashed, fallen, flown, and jumped. And from everything I have experienced, everything I have learned, I can tell you one thing for absolutely certain:

You will meet every type of person in every situation. No exceptions.

There are shy skydivers. Adrenaline junkie kindergarten teachers. Introverted bartenders. Insecure brainiacs. Unabashed librarians. Peppy police officers... Because, in the end, we're all just humans.

We're all the same machine, just in different models. We're all on a journey of searching for satisfaction, for inner contentment, for life fulfillment. For companionship. You will come across people you love - and people you really don't - no matter where you go, work, or play. So have compassion and have hope.

You are not alone. No matter how lonely or disheartened you may feel in a moment, know that there is a kindred spirit out there for you. There is so, so, so much to experience in this world, in your life. Don't limit yourself. Don't assume that just because you don't act or look a certain way that you don't belong somewhere. Don't keep yourself from doing something you want to. Reach out, and believe that someone will reach back.

It's your life. And it's the only one you've got.

Live it.

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