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Although the media coverage of BLM protests has disappeared the need for action, justice, and community support has not. Not at all. This isn’t a moment, a trend, or a fad. This is a demand for change. Change that’s long, long overdue.

So for today’s blog, I simply want to encourage you to stay informed. Stay strong. And to be a part of making the world a safe, equal, and encouraging place for everyone to live.

Black Lives Matter. Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

From YWCA: 10 Things Allies Can Do

  1. Listen to what marginalized people are saying. It’s not about you, your feelings or options; it’s about hearing theirs.

  2. Get educated. Seek out books, articles, films, etc. about the history and current issues facing marginalized communities.

  3. Get involved. Join local groups working for social justice. Follow them on social media and support their work.

  4. Show up. When someone from a marginalized community invites you to an event, be there to listen, learn, and show your support.

  5. Speak up. Silence allows oppression to continue.

  6. Intervene. If someone is being targeted, intervene with their permission.

  7. Welcome discomfort. When you encounter something that makes you uncomfortable, don’t dismiss it. Ask yourself ‘why?’ and welcome it as an opportunity to grow.

  8. Learn from your mistakes. Listen, apologize, and charge your behavior going forward.

  9. Stay engaged. Oppression is constant, and marginalized people do not have the privilege of ‘turning it off’.

  10. Donate! Commit to financially supporting a local organization doing social justice work in your comminuted; not just once but on an ongoing basis.

Ft. Isabel Debrujah, Jamie Utt, and Southern Poverty Law Center via

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