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Empowering the Mentally Ill to Enjoy their Lives

A year from now I will be embarking on a physical journey— one that will send me over seas through numerous countries, far from home. In this next year, however, leading up to that trip, I want to focus on my mental health journey. It’s been a long - LONG - road getting to be as self-satisfied and stable as I am now, but I know that it’s still not reached its end. I know that every day develops individually as a step back or a step forward for in my ability to enjoy my life. My health is a fluid, ever-changing, ever-developing thing. One that requires constant commitment. And because I have fought so hard, and learned so much, and am so stubbornly willing to share my weakness, my crazy, and the hope that I have that’s come from all of the hurt I’ve experienced, I have decided to take my blog platform in a new direction.

I have decided to make my blog a way to share my story. Because, when I really think about it, I've experienced a lot. Some stories I will tell may make you cry - I've been so deep in depression I contemplated suicide, I have seen a man shot on the street, I've had 39 stitches in my face, and I've been through difficult, painful breakups. Some of my stories might make you laugh- I lost my bikini top jumping into a pool on vacation, I nearly set my guinea pig on fire, and I - for real, no joke - once winked at Rupert Grint. But no matter the experience, good or bad, I believe there was a lesson to be learned. A lesson I can share with you.

I just recently turned my third book (Descendants of War: Iron Vengeance) in to my editor, so I have time now to reflect on the past and prep for the future—simultaneously. And I’d like you to come along with me on this ride. I’d like to help you grow the way that those in my life have helped me. I want you to see that positive outcomes of living through the struggles of mental illness are absolutely possible.

Take a journey inside, with me, across the mind and memory, before I take my journey outside, across the world. I promise we’ll both be better off for it.

Check back with me next Saturday to read my first (new) post:

In the Beginning There was a Child with Pointed-In Toes.

Along with tips, tricks, stats and facts, about living with anxiety and depression.

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