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I bought a plane ticket Monday night around 9pm, for a flight the next morning at 10am. It was an impulse buy that I do not regret in the slightest.

I went to Boston. I booked an Airbnb while at the airport. And I googled the must-visit sights of Boston while waiting for the plane to take off. In general, I am not that bold, not that impulsive, and certainly not outgoing/confident enough to chat with fellow flyers, bus riders, and bar-goers. But going to Boston 'blind' forced me outside my comfort zone. And I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I had, how welcoming and friendly people were. I walked the entire city, stopping at coffee shops and breweries as well as historical landmarks, and no matter where I went, people were kind to me. Boston isn't exactly know for pleasantries and charming persons, but it was if the city felt my vibe of curiosity and joy de vivre and rode it with me. I got directions, suggestions, and well-wishes non stop. I saw all I wanted to see, ate, drank, and rode a ferry!

And it renewed my faith in humanity and in life.

My last evening there, I got rained on. I was wet, cold, and miserable when I boarded the plane for my return flight. But when I awoke -- having slept through the whole flight (and even the landing), I was much refreshed and thoughts of my misery disappeared... replaced instead with the happiness of returning home and the satisfied memories of a trip well done.

Life - every experience - has its good and its bad. Even in a single day there can be a marvelous moment and a retched one. I used to get really stuck on the negative, obsess upon the sadness and the frustrating. Sometimes, I still do. But my focus, my goal now, is to live for the good times and not forget, but rather learn the lessons supplied by bad times and then let them roll by.

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