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Patience of Humanity

I think patience might be the number one thing I hope parents teach their children, by word and by deed, both. My sister, bless her heart, has two amazing little boys - twins - who are developing very differently. One likes to sit and talk and the other can't hold still at all. Obviously, they're running at different paces (figuratively, not just physically. Pun intended). They keep my sister and her husband on their toes. And they keep eachother thinking too... Toys and food need to be shared. Space designated. Priorities made. Reasoning vocalized. My sister does a great job of encouraging her boys to be patient with one another, by sharing, by making them conscious of what they're doing, and by instilling in them a sense of companionship that would be easy to overlook and undernuture. At the same time, I think she herself has the patience of a saint. She tends to her children amazingly well. And by being patient with her boys - whether it concerns their tears, stubbornness, silliness, wants, or anything else - she is leading by example. It gives me great hope in humanity that there is still goodness, sweetness, care, and understanding in the world. That child and adult alike can mirror each other's actions, can give energy and kindess not necessarily because it benefits themselves but because they are willing to do something for the long term affects on everyone involved. Patience is an unbelievably wonderful learned expression of value and emotion... and I so sincerely - and gratefully - hope that you show it to those around you, teach it to your children, and appreciate when it is given to you.

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