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Giving Up

Have you given up on your new year’s resolution yet? ...did you even make one? I’ll be honest, I don’t usually make one. I think, more often than not, the resolutions that people make are silly, unreachable, overzealous, and/or just plain ill conceived. “Go vegetarian”, “Lose 20lbs”, “Stop spending money and save up” are all probably great things to have made as your new year’s resolution... but doing them just because the calendar says you should is kind of ridiculous. Change your diet because you’re tired of your body feeling worn down, not just because you gorged yourself over the holidays. Lose weight because you respect your health, not because everyone else is guilting themselves into buying gym memberships. Save money because you want to make your future secure, not just because it’s January 1st. If you make changes for good reasons - reasons that matter to you - you’ll stick to goals far, far, far more often. I feel like this time of year is when everyone who crammed together in the gym after new year’s has stopped going. Life’s gotten busy. Spring is in the air. Everyone goes back to their old habits. However, I challenge you not to get complacent. I challenge you to put worthwhile, sincere, self-motivated goals ahead of yourself. Choose to give your body more care, your mind more rest, your friends and family more love, and you'll see your life take a turn for the better.

Give up on your new year's resolution.

...And make life resolution instead. Think about what you truly, deeply care about achieving - life long - and then stick to it. Hold yourself accountable. Listen to your own desires, not what advertising and influence tells you you should care about. Go deep, go personal.

The last six months or so for me have been spent focusing on what makes me feel peaceful. Content - not necessarily happy - just peaceful. What helps me wake up fresh and ready for the day? What gives me energy? Who helps me be a better, healthier person? And, in finding answers to those questions, I've begun to feel much more centered in my being, much more content with my life. And, much more optimistic about my future. Finding a peaceful day to day vibe has allowed me more happy moments, more joyful experience, and has helped me better handle negativity that would have otherwise really set me back.

Life goal for yourself. Matter to yourself. Know that you are worthy of your own care and understanding.

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