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With great power comes great responsibility. The news lately has just plain been breaking my heart. Burberry coming out with a clothing line utilizing a noose as fashion? Actor Jussie Smollett faking a hate crime? Shootings. Side affects of global warming. Sex scandals. Shameful politics. Come on! What is happening?! For as long as man has been seeking power - which is forever - we as a people have understood that taking on a noteworthy role, having influence over people, being a pivotal character in the progress of the world means taking responsibility also for your own person. Taking responsibility and care of your own actions. The world sees, mimics, contemplates, follows, and acts upon the deeds of our so-called superiors, whether they be politician or celebrity, local leader of social media influencer, or just good ol’ mom or dad. If they eyes of the world are on you, YOU HOLD SO MUCH POWER, and you cannot - you simply cannot - treat that power with disrespect or disregard. The next generation is growing into our generation’s mistakes, they are picking up after our downfalls, just as we did for our parents’ generation. The cycle needs to be broken. Because the earth is hurting. And the people of the earth are suffering. And yet we lie, cheat, scheme, and backstab, all for the sake of fleeting publicity and monetary gain. Eventually, we are all going to die. And none of our wealth or possessions will go with us. We die alone, just us and the memories of what we’ve accomplished. What we’ve changed. Who we’ve helped. How we’ve left the world in the wake of our lives. Do you really want to be remembered as the man who orchestrated an assault in order to increase your own paycheck? The designer who put a noose around a model’s neck during a runway show aimed at youth? The politician who thought blackface was acceptable? The man full of anger, plotting to kill people solely based on their political views? Really? Because, right now, this is what we’re glorifying. Scandal and flashy news headlines. The “omg” factor, the daring and spiteful, the drama and the chaos. This crap makes for entertaining tv but it sure makes for terrible life. With great power comes great responsibility. Well, with great talent comes great frustration and with great conflict come great strength. We need to focus on overcoming and improving. On both a personal and on a collective level. Artists, actors, athletes, politicians, leaders, activists, celebrities, etc, endure so much, fight so hard, and have to remain so very determined to get gain success. But their success needs to be a message of growth and satisfaction. They cannot cave from frustration into resentment. Success must come with gratitude and humility or else it tarnishes, it becomes corrupted. We need the uplifting, the encouraging, the “you can, really, do what you set your mind to”. We need to see the strength and contentment of a spirit able to do what it truly desires... not the lining of pockets, the sharp words of grudges, and the underhanded dealings of scams and deals. Respect your power. Don’t shame us for looking up to you.

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