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A Short But Sincere Rant

I don't understand how there's still so much hatred in the world. Just the other day, I was sitting on the patio of my favorite little coffee shop - which, mind you, is off of a quiet neighborhood street in a notoriously progressive area of Chicago... when I heard a ton of angry honking. I understand road rage happens, but this seemingly innocent mishap of communication on the road turned into vulgar gesturing and yelling. The exchange escalated into one driver yelling racial slurs at the other! How, I ask you, is this still a thing? How are people still so ignorant and malicious and hostile? Why is there hatred based on something so incredibly uncontrollable - so stupid - as skin color?? If you must hate someone, hate someone based on their actions of cruelty, their disregard of others, their greed or selfishness... Hatred in general is such wasted energy. But if you can't resist having negative feelings toward someone at least base it off something that's actually their choice! Not their damn skin color! We all eat, drink, sleep, go about our daily lives. We have jobs and families, dreams, hopes, disappointments, heartbreaks... The color of our skin changes absolutely nothing about how we think and feel. How we exist. All of us are equally human. The fact some people still haven't figured that out blows my mind. It makes me unbelievably angry. This world has enough pain and struggle as it is, it doesn't need more based on something as inconsequential as pigment of skin.

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