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The Family We Build

Writing a book may be a solitary process. But in the long-run, connections are needed for publication and promotion far more than I ever would have thought.

I have had the pleasure of working with the multi-talented Chris Maher. Actor, model, influencer, and overall charismatic character, Chris was an intimidating first experience for my debut from isolated internal creativity to the highly visible and interactive world of film and media. It would have been easy for me to be overwhelmed, and even easier for Chris’ confidence and experience to make me acutely aware of my amateur status. Instead, kind, humble, and friendly to the core, Chris had me laughing within two minutes of our meeting and made me feel right at home on the set of @harmonies_of_war ‘s TV episode and was again wonderful yesterday, during a photo-shoot. For that, I’m eternally grateful. A first impression and first experience can make or break a relationship, a project, or a mindset. And because of Chris, I’m far less apprehensive about the ever-so-social future my book series and I are headed toward!

The people I’ve gotten to work with (Chris Maher, Jaime Coates, and Przemyslaw Urban to name a few) are creative, driven, big-hearted, marvelous people. Trust me, I don’t expect everyone I come across to be as spectacular as the people on my team... I know I’ve been spoiled sweet by them! I am, however, certain that with connections I’ve made (and the friendships that have grown from those connections) I have the tools and the confidence to face any challenge or negativity that may arise.

Prop testing for a photoshoot with Chris Maher.

Thank you. To my team. To my friends. To my fans. Your support is what makes it all possible.

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