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Getting Ripped Off

I keep seeing ads about how "piracy is not a victimless crime"... but it's always in relation to illegal music downloads of big-name stars. What about small-time artists?? Those are the people who most often get worked over, ripped off, and financially destroyed by piracy! For instance, I recently found out that an acquaintance- a talented artist who produces stunningly beautiful glass pieces Brewer & Marr - had her designs stolen by a popular clothing line. No credit to her, no payment, just straight stolen. It's a massive slap in the face to an artist's dedication and creativity to have something that they worked so hard on get hijacked for the sake of a money-hungry company making more money. All because they made something beautiful: punishment for a job well done. Instead of companies having any respect at all for originality and artistry, they scam, steal, and ripoff, unwilling to pay a price worthy of the real product. The outcome of theft of creativity ranges from financial struggle to emotional fatigue, deteriorated motivation to legal chaos... stolen concepts can destroy an artist, both literally and figuratively. Wonder why creative people are more prone to depression? I definitely think one of the reasons is because it's easy to lose hope that your talent and art and ideas will ever be recognized, appreciated, or pay your bills. How can constant concern and fear of theft not take the wind out of your sails? Over the years, people's inclination to be inventive and dream big has disappeared. People have ceased to strive for betterment because it doesn't pay off! Big companies monopolize the creative market. Clothing, jewelry, artwork, music, movies, etc, are all things you'd hope to see a massive spectrum of beauty and uniqueness in, instead it's the same already rich and already famous people and corporations producing and controlling everything. It's painfully difficult for a local artist to break into the market- actually make a name and a dollar for themselves- and then to add insult to injury by having work stolen by exactly the same company that's their competition...?! How disheartening.

Stop coming at me telling me piracy is not a victimless crime - big businesses - you are the ones ripping people off.

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