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Handling Pressure

There’s always a deadline to meet, bills to pay, people to talk to, errands to run, things that need fixing, schedules colliding, phones ringing, emails buzzing, it's enough to drive you crazy. On top of that there's always opinions to balance and emotions to process. Always. Every day. That’s true as a person, but also as a writer. Writer’s block is totally and completely a real thing. But it’s just a side effect of feeling pressured. My brain isn’t broken, and 'I'm never going to write again’, isn't ever true.

Just like having a bad day… it’s just one day. You’ll get up again in the morning and start fresh. It's not about the morning being fresh, or the day holding the promise of hope - it's about you, and your perspective. The choice is finding the hope of a new day, it's not easy, but after awhile, and a lot of discipline, it starts to work. Right? I know reading this you understand what I'm saying, it works for almost any habit.

I have stressed myself out over and over again because I take on too much, forget to take care of my inner self, and try to do too many things at the same time. Because of this, I’ve slowly realized that there’s never enough time, energy, or attention to make life—or a story—perfect. At least not all at once. Enjoy life instead of treating it like a duty. I know negativity hovers around us, bad things happen, stress and strain is unavoidable. I also get that it’s often hard not to linger in the past, but it’s always served me best to take the lessons I’ve learned and mistakes I’ve made, and file them away. It’s so much better for the mind and heart to instead focus on the present and the future full-heartedly. Life is exhausting. We all know that.

The key is the freedom to feel. Let yourself momentarily freak out, worry, get overwhelmed, then take a deep breath and keep going. The farther you go, the more you learn, and it's the learning that leads to understanding, and that leads to hope.

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