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Voices in your Head

The voices in our heads don't always say what we want to hear. They get fixated on something and run wild, they randomly shut down, they make no sense and perfect sense simultaneously. They shout sometimes and yet other times, have nothing to say when we most need their insight. That is how I write as well. The characters of my books - the voices of my mind - are their own reality, but you as the reader give them power. You choose to make sense of their message, you choose when to listen and when to ignore them, you are the one who gets to love them or hate them. It's your choice. However, what you cannot choose is to make them please you all the time. They are not going to make the sense you want them to all the time. They are going to frustrate you. They are going to make you pay attention. Because, in the end, you need them. You pick up a book to be transported elsewhere, you pick it up for escape, for heart and soul. You pick it up for adventure. You can read anything, taking in the words one by one, only to be forgotten a short while later... But to love what you read, you have to take the time to absorb each word. You have to identify, commit, and contemplate. You have to delve inside yourself. But isn't 'inside' also an escape? An 'elsewhere'? Does it scare you to turn inward and read your own story? Is it intimidating thinking of facing down the voices in your head? Good. Then you're doing it right. You care. And you will understand my books.

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