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Battles We Can Win

They say to choose your battles wisely, I say to choose them with empathy.

With how busy and stressful life is, it's easy to fall into a habit of irritation that stems from focusing on self preservation... it becomes easy to get into an argument that's unnecessary, give up on something even when it means a lot to you, and ignore a problem that you could have helped with. We're all spread so thin from so many things demanding our attention- I get it. But that's why you have to take a step back and look at the people around you, and remember to be empathetic.

I try my best to support others when they can't support themselves. I try to see and understand the trouble and tension others might be feeling, such as letting a snippy comment be ignored because I know it was said out of fatigue not of malice. But on a bigger scale, I also try to fight for those who are hurt, weary, and/or have fewer opportunities than I do... And I so deeply encourage you to do the same because, when you let yourself feel for those around you, your heart connects. You make community - family - out of everyone you meet. It gives you a sense of safety and peace. And it makes choosing your battles far more straightforward.

I want to support other women, other artists, other creative spirits. I want to support other people with mental health issues. And I want to take care of animals because they can't take care of themselves. I want to stand up for those I know can most use my energy, my voice, my love.

Because I know that we when we fight together, we are strong.

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