I started writing the ‘Descendants of War’ series when I was only a teenager, knowing it was much more than just an epic fantasy, but not quite sure what. After a decade of soul searching, I found that the answer had been right in front of me the entire time. This series isn’t a fluff piece; it is a look at the inner workings of mental illnesses. The magic of recovery. The battle of health. I have lived with depression and anxiety my entire life, and I’ve seen the strengths and weaknesses of a mind that functions differently than “normal”. And so I made each of my characters a personification of those contradictions. Each piece of the story I’ve written is a glimpse at how triumph and failure co-exist. The Temperate Lands and the multidimensional characters you’ll not only identify with, but also come to love, are representations of our internal voices. They showcase what we learn from dealing with hardships and the extraordinary abilities we end up having from living burdened by mental illness. The world I created is how I wish this world - our reality - truly was. There is already magic all around us, I just made it more fantastical. 


Throughout this series, I spin reality, I give money little importance, I give the future just as much power as the past. Ego is what brings chaos to the Lands, because ego will always be a battle no matter what your history is. And acts of service is what saves the day, whether it be to country, lover, self, or life itself. Choosing kindness is the only way to overcome evil. This is the message of the series. And it’s why I chose to write about flawed characters. Life mysteries. Betrayal. Hope. And destiny. Because that is the truth of life. 

This is the depth of character you asked for, the plot twists you crave, and the series you deserve.

Meet the Descendants of War characters I've created:


Aurora, is the belief that we can overcome our faults. 

She is Hope.

Argus, loves the wrong things, and frequently finds himself in the wrong places at the wrong times - wondering why.

He is a victim.

Eleanor, Crown Queen of Thurnadan, is always looking for an easy way out that benefits her crown.

She is manipulation.

Malcolm, King of Thurnadan by marriage to Eleanor, refuses to acknowledge the true reality of his life.

He is denial.

Donovan, the bastard son of conflicting rulers. He is consequence.

Zagan, cruel King of Sharnin, is torment.

Lairson, the castle doctor of Thurnadan, is envy.

Jestin, the drunken castle cook, is self medication.

Bridget, a traitorous maid turned spy, is confusion.

Ryder, a commoner turned battle warrior, is false bravado.

Xenos, a Shape Shifter, shows no loyalty to anyone.

He is isolation.

Silvia, a woman who has given into her circumstances.

She is addiction.

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