I started writing the ‘Descendants of War’ series
when I was only a teenager. At the time,
I was searching for an escape from reality
and so created my own world, my own tales,
my own magic.

After a decade of soul searching, however, I realized my teenage self hadn't really needed to escape, but rather look in the mirror.
Since then, I've come to appreciate my
own strengths and abilities, and embrace that
how a mind functions when overcoming
trauma or struggle can be an empowering, beautiful thing.

This series is just that: it's the magic and battle of life. It's a reflection - an exaggerated interpretation - of reality. Because in truth,
are we not all the descendants of war?

In these books, Aurora, Argus, Eleanor, Silvia and other multi-dimensional characters journey
through a rich, deep, marvelous world.
The Temperate Lands and beyond will open
your eyes to endless fantastical landscapes full of magic. Prophecies. Dragons. Secrets. Mysteries and betrayal.
Each character has been written to face triumph and failure, internal war and external reward, all the while embarking on epic, end-of-the-world adventures.

You will laugh, you will cry, and you may even
root for the bad guy.

Meet the Descendants of War characters I've created:


Aurora, is the belief that we can overcome our faults. 

She is Hope.

Argus, loves the wrong things, and frequently finds himself in the wrong places at the wrong times - wondering why.

He is a victim.


Eleanor, Crown Queen of Thurnadan, is always looking for an easy way out that benefits her crown.

She is manipulation.


Malcolm, King of Thurnadan by marriage to Eleanor, refuses to acknowledge the true reality of his life.

He is denial.


Donovan, the bastard son of conflicting rulers. He is consequence.


Zagan, cruel King of Sharnin, is torment.


Lairson, the castle doctor of Thurnadan, is envy.


Jestin, the drunken castle cook, is self medication.


Bridget, a traitorous maid turned spy, is confusion.


Ryder, a commoner turned battle warrior, is false bravado.


Xenos, a Shape Shifter, shows no loyalty to anyone.

He is isolation.


Silvia, a woman who has given into her circumstances.

She is addiction.

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