The Descendant

I started writing Descendants of War when I was 17 years old, knowing it was much more than an epic fantasy, but not quite sure what. After a decade of soul searching, I found that the answer had been right in front of me the entire time. Descendants of War is a look at the inner workings of depression. I have lived with depression my entire life, and I have done quite well given the obstacles in my path. Each character is a voice that lives inside my mind. Each piece of the story is a glimpse at how those voices co-exist. I also chose the most oppressed in today's society to represent The Temperate Lands. Everyone tries to live fairly and equally, for it is your magic that makes you different.


I gave what is normally known to be a positive quality a negative spin, and gave money no importance. Ego is what rules The Lands, because ego is something that will never change, it will always be a battle no matter where you are from, what your history is, or what your future looks like. I wrote characters that change in an instant, because that's what my life looks like. And, they may be vague at times, because depression is a massive gray area that can feel a lot like purgatory. 

With your help, and your reviews, I am listening to you and pushing through some of the darkest layers of my depression to bring you the depth of character you are asking for, the plot twists you crave, and the Series you deserve.

The Characters

Aurora, is the belief that we can overcome ourselves. 

She is Hope.

Argus, loves the wrong things, and frequently finds himself in the wrong places at the wrong times - wondering why.

He is a victim.

Eleanor, Crown Queen of Thurnadan, is always looking for an easy way out that benefits her crown.

She is manipulation.

Malcolm, King by marriage to Eleanor, refuses to acknowledge the true reality of his life.

He is denial.

Donovan, the bastard son of conflicting rulers, is consequence.

Zagan, cruel King of Sharnin, is torment.

Lairson, the castle doctor of Thurnadan, is envy.

Jestin, the drunken castle cook, is self medication.

Bridget, a traitorous maid turned spy, is confusion.

Ryder, a commoner turned battle warrior, is false bravado.

Xenos, a Shape Shifter, shows no loyalty to anyone.

He is isolation.

Silvia, a woman who has given into her circumstances.

She is addiction.

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