The characters of the 'Descendants of War' series are far more than meets the eye:

each of them have been developed to embody an aspect of depression.

Silvia, a woman torn between cultural influences, is sorrow and addiction.

Argus, a man of gruff affect and strength, is sufferance.

Eleanor, Crown Queen of Thurnadan, is irrationality.

Malcolm, King by marriage to Eleanor, is denial.

Donovan, the bastard son of conflicting rulers, is consequence.

Zagan, cruel King of Sharnin, is anger and torment.

Lairson, the castle doctor of Thurnadan, is defensiveness.

Jestin, the doting castle cook, is physical pain.

Bridget, a traitorous maid turned spy, is a grifter, with no loyalty to anyone.

Ryder, a village man adopted into court life, is guilt and false justification.

Xenos, a Snow Land shape shifter, is insecurity and isolation.

       And lastly, Aurora...

a woman born of two extremes, powerful, beautiful, and kind-hearted, is balance.

The balance we all are searching for.