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The World Keeps Spinning

So I feel like many of you are aware that I’ve been planning a big Europe trip for the end of the year. That I’ve been working toward emotional and mental health. And that I’ve been very focused on being the best version of myself that I can possibly be. All with the point of accepting my life, living as fully as I can, loving myself, and feeling at peace — truly whole — within my existence. Not an easy thing at all.

Well, not at all unlike many of you... my life has been turned upside down due to COVID-19. So that already not-so-easy thing I just explained has gotten exponentially more difficult. My trip has been postponed. I lost one of my jobs. My living situation has been altered. My stress is through the roof. Honestly, what it comes down to is that my stability has been upset and the dynamic of many of my relationships has changed. Life has hit a reset button and it ain’t a purty one.

This. All this insanity and uncertainty. It’s crazy. But, you know what it’s done for me? Besides of course make me lose sleep, gain weight, and spin endlessly through cycles of anxieties? It’s made me stop and think about what actually, truly, deeply matters to me. What hobbies are good for my mental health. What people are good for my emotional health. And what foods and activities are good for my physical health.

It’s easy to fall into habits and routines, to think that we’re doing our best simply because our lives are chugging along. It’s easy to get comfortable and accept the day-to-day normal as good enough. It’s easy to forget that ok isn’t the same as great. So if COVID has upset your existence, your plans, relationships, habits, feelings, and activities the way it has mine... I encourage you to take this as an opportunity to seek improvement rather than an excuse to fall into subpar complacency.

Time keeps speeding by. The world keeps spinning. Don’t waste your days. Examine your being. Break your bad habits. Seek life’s lessons. Take better care of yourself. Love more fiercely. Act more boldly. Take this strange pandemic experience as the foundation for growth.

I know that’s quite a challenge. But it’s a challenge I’m willing to rise to. And I hope you are too.

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