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Protecting Your Energy

If you are feeling drained, fearful, or out of control, you should absolutely keep reading... Because Anxiety Coach, Amanda Dewey was generous enough to write today’s guest post with the intention of helping us all feel as energized and at peace as we possibly can during the ongoing pandemic.

Protecting Your Energy

One way I like to put the topic of energy is, like a personal drug. You take a drug to feel a something, anything for that matter. And when the drug wears off you are left wanting more. When you’re at your low and you need to go somewhere to find more to “pick you back up” you will take it from anywhere. This is similar to when you burn out of energy. Until you can effectively maintain your energy, you are going to keep burning out and that means taking it from somewhere else.

Preserve your energy, like you would to save money on your power bill. Meaning only project out your energy to things that are worth projecting. And if you come face to face with a negative energy think to yourself, is this something that I want to dive into? Do I want to use more of my precious energy on something that is not going to leave me satisfied and happy?

Give Yourself Permission To Set Boundaries

You cannot help someone if your energy is fatigued. Set the intention that your energy is your own, and no one else’s. If there is someone in your life who is negative or exhausted, do not allow yourself to tap into their energy. Remember and tell yourself that you are responsible for your own.

If you find yourself having difficulties, you can recite energy affirmations such as the following

  • My energy is protected & completely my own

  • I am full of self confidence, energy & joy

  • My energy raises the vibration in the room while keeping me safe and protected

“Bubble-Wrap” Your Energy

If you know you are about to walk into a situation that is normally draining or overall just exhausting…you can’t help but take some of that onto yourself. It’s projection. This is more of a mental strength exercise where you envision yourself energetically bubble wrapped, nothing negative can touch you, you are fully protected.

If you find yourself having difficulties, you can recite energy affirmations such as the following

  • I am free from all energy drains

  • I am protected at all times

  • My energy is safe and completely mine

Release Energetic Ties To Others

When we are a safety net for others' energy, it’s simply because a part of us feels that they are unable to look after themselves. We take on other peoples “stuff” because we want to protect them, or relieve them. When releasing these ties with others we are still in a way protecting them with our energy, however we are no longer carrying it for them. This will help you come back to being completely you.

If you find yourself having difficulties, you can recite energy affirmations such as the following

  • I release all energetic attachments to _______

Cleanse & Clear Your Space

I love having a clear space, I feel like I have room to breathe. This is as simple as the title, de-clutter your space and your home. Release and let go of all the stuff you no longer need. Take some sage to burn and some crystals to lay out and bring a brand new energy into your living space.

If you find yourself having difficulties, you can recite energy affirmations such as the following

  • I breathe in positive energies only

  • My space is loving, protected & clear

At the end of the day as you reflect on the things you have done, do you find yourself fatigued, restless, drained, or emotional? This could all be because your energy is burnt out. Once you start to protect and save your energy and learn how to use it in different situations, you will begin to see a shift. You will start to see a change in the way you think, project, and feel towards life and the things you encounter. Do yourself a favor and analyze where your energy is going, and maybe a simple shift is all you need.


If you love Amanda’s writing and advice as much as I do, please do check out her Instagram @amandadewey_

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