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Grounding Yourself: Inner Peace

Growing up in rural Oregon means my love for all things nature will never die. Rivers, trees, outdoor games, wild animals, and mountain drives... it's in my blood. So, understandably, living the city life is sometimes hard for me. The concrete gray gets to me. I bring this up now with a bit of a heavy heart as I'm noticing that summer is slowing into fall. The sky is a shade less warm and the beautiful lake is shimmering a little less brightly. Mother earth- our amazing home- has been plagued by our waste and pollution and yet still she produces glorious autumn colors and crisp, fresh breezes for us. Even in the middle of downtown Chicago, surrounded by the roar of cars and the unbending severity of manmade structures, I'm aware of late-season flowers blooming and birds cooing. The country girl in me wants to tap bustling, stressed-out people on the shoulder and say, "Look. Pause. Look around you and appreciate the beauty." Instead, I say it to you: Slow down for a moment. Gaze at the lake instead of your phone on your morning commute. Admire the flowers along the streetside instead of walking with your eyes on your own feet. Pick up the trash that didn't make it into the garbage can. Recycle that water bottle. Pet that cute dog. Replant that bush that's struggling to grow. You have the power to not only enjoy but also encourage the earth's abundance. That's a magic in your hands that no one can take away. Use it. I've filled my home with plants. I try to spend time at the lakefront every week. And I try to be responsible about my impact on the planet. My life may be in the city but my heart is still in the nature of the country. Believe me, life is sweeter when you appreciate the earth.

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